A Vibrant Turnaround for a Neglected Charleston Neighborhood

Long a magnet for tourists, Charleston has taken decades to evolve from a placid, picturesque Southern town, replete with historical significance, into something resembling a 21st-century city.

The neighborhood known as the Upper Peninsula, was dotted with small houses, warehouses and metal sheds; had only a few sidewalks; and was infused with an air of neglect. Even with easy access from an interstate ramp, the neighborhood “lacked an economic pulse,” Steve Zoukis said.

“Steve has taken a unique approach,” said Kristopher B. King, the executive director of the Preservation Society of Charleston. “His strategy gets these neighborhoods functioning, which is a huge positive. It’s putting these properties back on the tax rolls, creating jobs and bringing vibrancy to an area that quite honestly, 10 years ago, really needed it.”


Source: New York Times