Half Mile North

Raven Cliff Company
4 Buildings
Charleston, SC

Nearby the Charleston Innovation District is a new mixed-use development: Half Mile North, where in 2014 tech company Blue Acorn moved into a 12,000-square-foot former warehouse and expanded into an additional 8,000-square-foot building to accommodate its rapid employee growth. The mixed-use development aims to play headquarters to “Silicon Harbor,” offering parking, bike lanes, bus routes and nearby amenities. Also included in the development are Radiate Technologies and SIB Consulting.


Projects in the Development

Blue Acorn

Blue Acorn is a premium eCommerce agency dedicated to helping retailers and brands achieve revenue growth through data-driven design, development and optimization.

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Blue Acorn 2.0

Across the street from the original Blue Acorn offices, this renovated building provides Blue Acorn with 12,000 additional square feet of expansion.  A re-purposed warehouse, the original structure and foundation were used to create new office space.

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SIB Consulting

SIB Development & Consulting, Inc. is a privately owned business consulting firm specializing in expense auditing and fixed cost reduction for public and private enterprises in a variety of industries. SIB was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Charleston, SC.

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Radiate Technologies

Radiate Technologies is an IT Support and Computer Services company based in Charleston, SC. They provide services across South Carolina.

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