Pacific Box & Crate

Raven Cliff Company
(2) 20,000 SF Buildings
Charleston, SC

Just a mile north of the charming historic district of Charleston, the area known as the Upper Peninsula is less dense, more industrial, and a little edgy. Pacific Box & Crate, one of the newest examples of the Upper Peninsula’s turnaround, illustrates this exciting growth potential. A $35 million multi-use development, Pacific Box & Crate occupies a nearly 10-acre footprint along upper King Street. The site was originally home to Pacific Guano, a fertilizer company which processed phosphate on the site starting in 1869. The site was later utilized by Dixie Box & Crate Company. The project’s name “Pacific Box & Crate” embraces the industrial heritage of the site and celebrates the hardworking people who spent time there.

The architecture reflects the industrial area and includes an eclectic mix of materials and styles. The Client’s vision was for the site to appear as if it was built over time, rather than have a uniform campus feel. The original warehouse building was wrapped with weathered Corten steel panels to provide a sense of age and longevity. The two-story addition, designed to define the west side of the great lawn, contrasts the weathered steel with more contemporary cladding: corrugated metal, composite metal panels, Kalwall and large expanses of glass. A transparent steel Gantry extends out from the addition to create an entry to the anchor tenant, Boomtown! A delivery and loading area was created on the southern end of the site around the existing loading dock, which was repurposed for Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.’s 12,000 sf brewery. Workshop, a food hall designed for rotating food concepts, was located adjacent to the brewery to share the truck loading area.

Campus GallEry

Projects In the DevelopmenT


This building is part of the Pacific Box & Crate development in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula district. The upfit was designed for Phishlabs, a leading provider of 24/7 cyber security services. They have grown quickly over the past 5 years, and are considered the fastest growing tech company in North America. In designing their space, Phishlabs wished to create an environment that appealed to the younger generation of tech experts.

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Workshop is Charleston’s first exploratory food court where emerging and renowned chefs can experiment with culinary concepts. Six rotating kitchens serve employees of Pacific Box and Crate as well as the local community. There is both a interior seating area as well as a covered courtyard for families and coworkers to eat.

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