Ravencliff Company
20,000 SF
Charleston, SC

This building is part of the Pacific Box & Crate development in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula district. The building was designed with future flexibility in mind. The two floors share common lobby, conference and break room spaces, but contain separate restroom facilities on each floor. This allows the building to be used independently or shared by the same tenant. The architecture of the building is a nod to the industrial heritage of the site and the area. The central section of the building is reminiscent of the area’s brick factory buildings with large glass openings to let in natural daylight. A contemporary glass and metal skin wraps three sides of the building, creating transparent spaces at the north and south ends and a covered balcony on the west side of the building. Sun shade louvers integrated into the balcony structure shade the western exposure from the harsh afternoon sun. The balcony overlooks the Great Lawn and provides private outdoor space for the building’s occupants.

The upfit of this building was designed for Phishlabs, a leading provider of 24/7 cyber security services. They have grown quickly over the past 5 years, and are considered the fastest growing tech company in North America. In designing their space, Phishlabs wished to create an environment that appealed to the younger generation of tech experts. To promote collaboration, the office is primarily an open workstation design with numerous large and small conference rooms for private team meetings and client calls. Open collaborative spaces were designed into each department for brainstorming and sharing ideas. The second floor break room with full kitchen has been a big hit because the space is large enough to assemble their entire team for company-wide “Town Hall” meetings as well as potluck lunches and other social events. A spacious board room off the lobby affords privacy for company strategy meetings and hosting clients apart from the open office area. Overall, the project has increased company efficiency, camaraderie and employee morale.