1350 Ashley River Road

Cooper Commercial
Under Construction
14,500 SF
West Ashley, SC

An interior and exterior renovation to an existing office park, the design for 1350 Ashley River Road centers around introducing more light, vegetation, and natural materials into the existing site. The project scope included a new exterior concept, reorganization and an update to shared restrooms, and a core and shell space for one of the four existing tenant spaces to be renovated at a later date. New punched opening storefronts help bring light into the spaces lining the exterior walls, while the wall-mounted awnings provide protection from the direct sunlight. The central wooden slat tower adds warmth to the front of the building and ample space for building signage. Native vegetation, in new and existing planters, brings nature closer to the building occupants. On the interior, the restroom design uses contemporary materials and colors to update the 1980’s era building.