Vanderking, LLC
6,500 SF
Charleston, SC

Located at the corner of Broad and Church Streets, the Hatman Building is classified as a Category I Historic Building by the City of Charleston. Built circa 1855, the building underwent an alteration in 1870 by Charles Plenge when it became Plenge Haberdashery (a store which offered hats, clothing, and cigars). It is considered the oldest hat store in South Carolina. One of the enduring characteristics of the building is the late-19th century painting, The Hatter, on the west facade that gives the building its nickname the “Hatman Building”.

Distinguished by ageless sophistication, the historic Hatman Building has undergone a complete renovation that carefully blends its historic charm with modern amenities. Within the 1870 historic facade now exists high-end retail suites on the first floor, second floor executive offices, and a luxurious two-bedroom penthouse. In addition to the typical challenges encountered with a historic building, it was difficult to provide the necessary circulation and other code requirements within the limited 2,100 SF footprint. Throughout construction, layers of built history were uncovered and helped inform the design. The completed design expresses the original architecture and highlights parts of the building’s history.

Historic and Existing Images